Required: Four lemons.

One quart of boiling water.

About a dozen lumps of sugar.

Wipe the lemons on a clean cloth. Then cut off the rinds very thinly, putting them in a jug with the sugar.

Carefully remove all pith from the lemons. (Unless this is done, the lemonade will have a bitter flavour.) Slice the lemons into the jug. being careful to take out every pip, for they, like the pith, would give a bitter flavour.

Pour on the boiling water, cover the jug, and leave the lemonade until it is cold. Strain it into another jug, see that it is sweet enough, and keep in a cold place until required.

N.B. - Home-made lemonade is far more refreshing and wholesome than the bought "fizzy kinds."

Orangeade is made in exactly the same way, using oranges in place of lemons.