Crochet Squares as Corners for a Cloth - Alternate Squares of Linen and Crochet for a Bed-spread-squares as an Insertion or Border - Design for a Cloth with Crochet Centre

In the last lesson instructions were given for joining squares No. 1 into a border for cloths or other articles. Square No. 2 could be utilised for an insertion by placing the squares singly side by side, the joining being effected during the last round of work. When working the 2 double crochet, 3 chain in the last round of second square, make a single crochet in corresponding 3 chain of first square worked, being careful that both squares are placed right side up.

Squares Arranged for Corners of Afternoon Teacloth

The squares placed in rows of eleven, nine, seven, five, three and one, and joined as described above, form a very handsome triangle for sewing to an afternoon teacloth, as clearly shown in the illustration, No. 1.

How to Make a Large Square for a Bed-spread Arrange the squares and join them into rows of four to form a big square, and place these big squares alternately with the same sized squares of linen, hemstitched and embroidered. In this way, a very handsome bed-spread is produced.

Fig. I. Squares arranged to form triangle: for the corners of an afternoon teacloth

Fig. I. Squares arranged to form triangle: for the corners of an afternoon teacloth

Utilise the Squares for the Centre of


Squares of the crochet might form the centre of the tablecloth with the corners of the cloth of damask or linen, finished with an edging such as given previously, and a little feather-stitching.

How Squares of Crochet may Form a Border

Join the squares while working the last row as directed above, and sew round the outside edge <>!' the cloth or mat to be trimmed.

The mat shown in the illustration is one of a set for the dressing-table, of pale pink linen (priceabout is.9d. a yard, double width), with crochet in linen thread (9 skeins for is.) of the same colour.

Fig. 2. Squares joined to form a border to a drawn thread rrat

Fig. 2. Squares joined to form a border to a drawn-thread rrat

A Linen Cloth with Crochet Centre

1st row. - Work a chain the length required for the centre.

2nd row. - 3 chain and a treble into every 3rd stitch all along the chain.

3rd row. - 2 chain and 4 trebles into every other space all along the row.

4th row. - The same as 2nd row.

5th row. - The same as 3rd row. Continue alternately until the square is large enough.

Sew neatly to triangles of linen, feather-stitched and edged with crochet.

fig. 3. A simply worked crochet centre for a cloth. This may be finished with feather-stitching and crochet edging

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