This is an old-fashioned but ever-popular beverage, and most warming and comforting before a long, cold drive. It should be handed round as the guests are leaving.

Required: One bottle of port wine.

One quart of hot water.

A wineglass of brandy.

One lemon.

Four cloves.

Grated nutmeg and sugar to taste.

Put into an enamel pan the hot water, the lemon cut in slices, the cloves, and a few lumps of sugar. Bring this to the boil, then take out the cloves and lemon, and add a dust of nutmeg, and, if necessary, more sugar.

Reheat it, but do not let it quite boil. Serve immediately.

A Guide when Arranging Quantities

Clear soup, allow 1 gill per head, 5 quarts for 40 people.

Bouchees of lobster, allow about 3 dozen for 40 people.

Chicken croquettes, allow about 3 dozen for 40 people.

Charlotte Russe, allow about 3 moulds for 40 people.

Tangerine creams, allow about 2 1/2 dozen oranges for 40 people.

Maraschino jelly, allow about 2 quarts for 40 people.

Genoese pastry, allow about 4 dozen for 40 people.

Claret cup, lemonade, coffee, 1 pint per head, including all varieties.

Bread and butter, allow about 6 plates for 40 people.

Sandwiches, allow about 3 per head.

Be sure and allow ample, it is most embarrassing to run short; but each hostess must judge her own particular requirements, as it is impossible for anyone else to do so who does not know the customs of the particular neighbourhood. It is not difficult to use up any of the surplus in the ordinary daily menus.