Material for making the desired Garment, Suitable Lining (if a Lining is desired).

Tacking Cotton

This cotton can be bought in reels of 1,000 yards in various numbers. The price is from 2 3/4d. per reel, according to the number.

Machine And Sewing Cotton, Sewing And Machine Silk

If the garment is to be entirely stitched with silk, it is more economical to buy it in quarter-ounce reels, price 5d. each. Another advantage is that the silk on this size reel can be had in various thicknesses. If only a small quantity of silk is required, the ordinary 1 1/2d. reels can be used. They are usually very fine, and are suitable for stitching thin materials and for hemming, oversewing, etc.

Buttonhole Twist

This can be bought either by the yard or in penny reels in any colour. That on the reels is all of one size, but the twist sold by the yard is of various thicknesses, and is from 1d. a yard, according to the thickness.

Buttonhole twist is used for the working of eyelets, loops, embroidering eyes, stitching on hooks and eyes, also for ' fanning " bones, stitching in tight bands, cross-stitch for marking the centre of skirt bands, etc., as well as for working buttonholes.

Twist to match the dress should be used for working the buttonholes, eyelets, eyes, and loops. For stitching hooks and eyes on to bands it should be black or white, to match the band.

For " fanning " the bones, stitching in the tight band, and the cross-stitch for marking the centre of the skirt band, twist of a contrasting colour is generally used.

Hooks And Eyes, Etc

These are of various kinds. The ordinary hooks are sold in packets at 1d. each or two for 1 1/2d., and in different sizes.

Hump Hooks And Lace Hooks

These are usually sold on cards. Any of the above can be used for bodices and blouses.

Mantle hooks are sold on cards at 2d. or 3d. per card, according to quality. These, besides being used for cloaks, wraps, etc., are useful for fastening bands of skirts, but they must be of a small size for this purpose, or they will be too bulky.

These small sized mantle hooks are only made in the best quality at 3d. per card.

Patent Fasteners

These are used for fastening placket-holes, also blouses, etc. They close more securely and invisibly than ordinary hooks and eyes, and are of various kinds.

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