Required: Two pigeons. Two ounces of butter. One pound of pork sausages. One egg. Breadcrumbs. Salt and pepper. Mashed potatoes. Cooked peas or mixed vegetables.

Prepare the birds for roasting, then cut each in halves. Carefully remove all the bones, except the last half of the leg bone. Shape each half as neatly as possible to look like half a bird, tucking the leg bones slightly back.

Canard a la Savoy A. Ullyett

Canard a la Savoy A. Ullyett

Melt the butter in a frying-pan, put in the halves of pigeon with the cut side downwards, and fry them gently for eight minutes. Then turn them. It is a good plan to place a dish on them with a weight on it while they are cooking, to prevent them from curling up.

Skin the sausages, then rub the meat through a sieve. Season it with salt and pepper, and spread a thick layer of it on the inside of each piece of pigeon. Mould to a good shape.

Next cover the pieces with crumbs, then brush them over with beaten egg, and again coat them with crumbs.

Have ready a pan of deep frying fat. When a bluish smoke rises from it fry the pigeons a golden brown.

Arrange a neat bed of mashed potatoes down the centre of a hot dish; place the halves of pigeon on it. Pour some good brown sauce round, and garnish the dish with a heap of cooked peas or a macedoine of cooked vegetables - that is, a mixture of neatly cut carrot, turnip, kidney beans, etc. - carefully cooked in boiling salted water.