Required: The fish. Four bay leaves. Four cloves. One pint of vinegar. A bunch of thyme and parsley. Salt and pepper. One tablespoonful of peppercorns. One teaspoonful of meat extract.

If mackerel or herrings are used, the fish should be filleted. Salmon, however, should be cut either in one piece or in slices an inch or so thick.

Wash and dry the fish, chop the herbs finely, and sprinkle them over it, adding a little salt and pepper. Then put the fish in a fireproof dish, with a few small pieces of butter, and bake until it feels firm - this is best ascertained by sticking a skewer into it.

Boil the vinegar, bay leaves, cloves, and peppercorns together lor ten minutes. Stir in a teaspoonful of meat extract, and, when this is cold, strain the mixture over the fish.

Let it stand for several hours, so that the fish becomes nicely flavoured, then arrange on a clean dish, and serve.