The height of the kitchen table should be adapted to the height of the cook, because, if this is done, she can be spared much backache and weariness. If the table is too high, supply a wooden mat to stand on; or, if the cook is too tall, the table can be raised on four blocks.

The modern housewife no longer worries about the snowy boards of the dresser and table, after the fashion of her grandmother. It is not that she is less cleanly - on the contrary, she is infinitely more hygienic - but she has learnt that time may be spent more wisely than in scrubbing wood. She covers her table and other much-used surfaces, therefore, with pretty imitation tiles of galvanised zinc, which can be kept as bright as any silver, or tiled oilcloth. Moreover, this substance will not be injured if a hot saucepan be placed upon it, and after it has been wiped over with hot soda-water, it looks the picture of cleanliness.

When cooking is over a cheerful coloured tablecloth can be put on the table, and this will add considerably to the comfort of the room.

It is advisable to have drawers fitted in the kitchen table; one built like a writing-table, with drawers down each side and screw-hooks at the ends on which to hang rolling-pins, pastry brushes, etc., is invaluable, but not suitable if the maids have to use it for meals.