The West Indies are a lure to those who love the sun, and Bermuda is equally tempting from this point of view. Facilities for visiting both are offered by various steamship companies, which have their own hotels for the comfortable accommodation of their passengers.

Jamaica has been called the Riviera of the West, so mild, dry and uniform is the climate. From the point of view of amusements, yachting, polo, ' shooting, fishing, golf, tennis. riding, and driving are all available.

The sea passage occupies from ten to twelve days, and the fares are from 18 to 25 single; from 32 to 40 return. Second cabin fares are 14 and 25.

The most suitable clothing for the West Indies is, for men, light flannel, white duck cotton drill, or light serge suits; the lightest of woollen underwear, wide-brimmed straw hats (obtainable locally), pith, or very light felt hats. For hill use riding suits and water-proofs are necessary. Dust-coats are useful over evening dress at night. Boots should be light leather, kid or canvas.

For the bride's wear there is wider choice, Her gowns and costumes may be light flannel or serge. cotton. linen muslin silk

Marriaqf and brown holland riding skirts. Wide-brimmed hats are necessary.