This is an excellent way of using up the remains of a tin of apricots or peaches.

Required: Tinned apricots or peaches, about two dozen pieces.

Castor sugar. For the frying batter:

Four ounces of flour.

Quarter of a pint of tepid water.

One tablespoonful of salad oil or warmed butter.

The whites of two eggs.

Quarter of a level teaspoonful of salt. [Sufficient for six.)

Fruit Castles

Fruit Castles

Put the fruit on a sieve, so that all the syrup may drain off.

Next prepare the batter. Sieve the flour and salt into a basin. Add the oil or melted butter to the water. Make a well in the middle of the flour, pour in half of the liquid, and stir it gradually and smoothly in; as the batter becomes thicker than cream add more water and oil. When all the flour and water are mixed in, beat the batter well until the surface is covered with bubbles, then, if possible, let it stand for an hour. Just before it is time to make the fritters, whisk the whites to a very stiff froth. Stir about a teaspoonful of castor sugar into the water, and lastly the whipped whites.

Have ready the pan of frying fat, and a baking-tin lined with clean kitchen paper. When a faint blue smoke rises from the fat, with a skewer lift a piece of the fruit into the batter, coat it all over, then lift it into the frying fat and fry it a golden brown; next lift it on to the lined tin and drain it well. When all the fritters are fried, sprinkle them with castor sugar, and serve them piled up on a lace paper or a hot dish.

Cost, about 9d.