Required: About a pint or more of gooseberries. Two or three tablespoonfuls of brown sugar. Cold water. Suet pastry. For the pastry:

Half a pound of flour. Four ounces of chopped beef suet. Half a teaspoonful of baking-powder. Half a level teaspoonful of salt. Cold water. (Sufficient for five.)

Sieve together the flour, baking-powder and salt, remove all skin from the suet and chop it finely, mixing a little of the flour with it while chopping to prevent it from clogging together; mix the suet and flour, then add enough cold water to mix the whole to a stiff but not crumbling paste. Cut off one-third of the pastry, and put it on one side for the lid, roll out the remainder until it is about twice the size of the top of the basin. Well grease the basin and line it with the pastry, pressing it evenly and gently to the basin; wash the gooseberries, then top and tail them, half-fill the basin with fruit, next put in the sugar, then the rest of the fruit, and, lastly, enough water to barely half-fill the basin. Roll out the remaining piece of pastry to fit the top of the basin, wet the edges, put it over the top of the pudding, pressing the edges together; scald a pudding-cloth, then dredge it with flour, shaking off all that does not stick, lay the cloth over the pudding, make a pleat in it across the top so as to allow room for the pudding to swell, tie it securely round with string, then draw the corners of the cloth over the top of the basin and tie the opposite ones together. Put the basin in a pan with plenty of fast boiling water, and let it boil steadily for two hours; as the water boils away, add to it more boiling water so as not to check the cooking. When cooked, lift the basin out of the pan and let it stand for a minute or two after removing the cloth; this allows steam to escape, which loosens the pudding in the basin, making it easier to turn out.

Serve it on a hot dish.

N.B.-Fresh fruit of all kinds can be used in the place of gooseberries, varying the quantity of sugar and water according to the variety of fruit.

Cost, 9d.