Required: Six hard-boiled eggs. Curry sauce as for Indian eggs (p- I736)-boil the eggs till hard (fifteen minutes), shell them, and put them into cold water for five minutes, then cut them in halves lengthways, then in quarters. Prepare the sauce as for Indian eggs. Put the eggs into it, and, when possible, let them remain in the sauce for some hours. When required, re-heat the eggs in the sauce.

Serve on a hot dish, with "curry rice" or boiled spaghetti. Or arrange half of the eggs, cut in quarters, in a circle on a hot dish, with the pointed end uppermost. Chop the rest of the eggs coarsely, and stir them into the curry sauce. Pour the sauce into the middle of the egg border, and arrange a neat border of rice round the edge of the dish. Cost, 11d.