Mayonnaise Sauce Required: The yolks of two eggs. Half a pint of good salad oil. One tablespoonful each of malt and tarragon vinegar. One teaspoonful of made mustard. Half a teaspoonful of salt. A little pepper.

Put the yolks into a basin with the mustard and salt, mix them together with a wooden spoon, then add the oil, drop by drop, stirring it all the time-unless this is done very slowly and carefully the mixture will curdle. Should such an accident happen, break another yolk into a basin, and drop the curdled mixture on to it, stirring it all the time. When the sauce seems to be getting too thick, add the vinegar gradually. The sauce should be the thickness of very thick cream; season it carefully to taste with salt and pepper, and keep it in a cool place.

N.B.-If preferred, use more than the given quantity of vinegar, and if tarragon vinegar is not available use all malt. In very hot weather it is a wise plan to stand the basin in cold water, or, better still, in ice while mixing the sauce, this lessens the chance of it curdling.