Required: Two ounces of cooked chicken cut in dice. One raw yolk of egg. One tablespoonful of milk or cream. Pepper and salt. For the scrambled eggs: Two eggs. One ounce of butter. One tablespoonful of milk. Pepper and salt. Hot buttered toast or bread-and-butter.

Prepare the chicken mixture by beating up the yolk and milk, and adding the chicken and seasoning. Then make it hot, and keep it so until the scrambled eggs are made.

Beat the two eggs in a basin, and add the milk, pepper, and salt. Melt the butter in a chafing-dish or small pan, pour in the eggs, and stir briskly till it is a soft, creamy mass. On no account let it overcook.

Spread the hot chicken mixture on the toast or bread-and-butter, pour over the scrambled eggs, and serve at once. Cost, 9d.