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The Possibilities of a Small Holding - How to Secure a Market for Produce - The " Family

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The small holding movement forms one of the most noticeable tendencies of our times. Owing to present-day conditions and enterprise, and also to legislation, ample incomes are being earned by both men and women who have taken up various rural industries.

One has only to consider the possibilities of a small holding to realise its earning power. The usual plan pursued is to adopt one main line of business and to supplement it with a host of smaller or subsidiary branches.

For instance, market gardening can well be made the staple source of profit, and as offshoots from the parent stem there are bees, pigs, poultry, cut flowers, fruit culture, and so ad infinitum.

The brusque term "small holding" conveys but little meaning save that of limited area, yet with from three to fifteen acres a suitable group of country pursuits can be made to yield a satisfactory income, particularly if they are chosen so that grist may be brought to the mill at all seasons of the year.