1. Study the daily or weekly marketing lists; note what is in full season, for then, as the supply is probably plentiful, the price should be reasonable.

2. Deal with shops and stores that have a large custom and a good demand for their goods, as the supplies are more frequently renewed.

3. Avoid tradespeople who appear to advertise their wares over-much; they are apt to deduct from their heavy expenses by selling goods of inferior quality for the price quoted.

4. Never buy cheapened goods, such as a 2s. sole for 1s. 6d., and so on, for it usually means they have lost their primary freshness, and the seller is glad to take what he can get.

5. If possible, pay the tradespeople cash down, or at least weekly, otherwise they not unreasonably add a penny or halfpenny per pound here and there to cover long credit, and possible bad debts.