2 30 centigrm.

To heat this preparation would be dangerous, unless skilfully done, as sublimate is volatile. Owing to this sublimate (corrosive sublimate), it is a poisonous preparation and should be treated accordingly. Apply to the freckles every evening.

An English beauty "specialist" first steamed the face, and further prepared the skin by the application of an ointment which killed the outer skin and caused it to peel off. After a week or so the freckle lotion was carefully applied, and each freckle became a sore. In any case, there is always the risk of inducing eczema in the removal of permanent freckles by this the only authentic treatment, and thus a woman must take the choice of two evils. The use of lotions and creams to help the skin resist freckles is strongly advised, but if the evil be in existence certainly a good lotion will at least modify them. A removal of the internal cause - often to be accomplished by the doctor - will, of course, prevent further pigmentary deposits under the skin.