Some Exercises to Develop the Bust - The Value of Good Corsets - Massage - A Warning Against

Drugs - How to Reduce the Size of the Bust

Where special treatment is required for bust development, gymnastic exercises are good, since there are special muscles of the chest fallen into disuse. Care must be taken never to overdo such exercises. Regard them merely as a stimulus. For this reason there is much to be said in favour of Swedish drill. A special exercise for the expansion of the chest is to breathe deeply whilst sitting in a chair, the hands grasping the seat. In this way, the shoulders are held down and the chest drawn up. Exercise before dressing in the morning, and rest awhile afterwards. Increase the daily number of exercises from two or three "breaths" to ten or fifteen. Then, when dressing, leave plenty of room for good breathing by avoiding tight bands or a heavy droop of clothing from the hips.

Corsets And Their Value

Here a word on corsets from a beauty culture point of view will be helpful. The corsetless figure is ugly. It droops, becomes shapeless, and is hard to dress becomingly. On the other hand, tight corsets, by restricting the stomach, court a bad complexion and the red nose of dyspepsia; whilst, by restricting breathing, they make the chest flat and hollow, induce "salt-cellars," scraggy necks, thin arms, and curved backs. At the present day it is possible to obtain a well-made corset which constrains and supports the figure without unduly compressing it, at a moderate price. A high corset, by pressing the bust, spoils, and finally banishes, graceful curves. Another point, useful to the matron, is that a corset cut to reduce the apparent size of the hips obtains this effect by straight lines at the waist, which is thus skilfully allowed another inch or so without its apparent size being increased. Great strides have been made in the skilful cut of the corsets.

Electrical Stimulation

Massage is of great use in the development of the bust, this part of the figure responding very quickly to treatment. It is well to bear in mind that where the lactic glands are immature there is a physiological as well as an aesthetic value attached to treatment which will develop them, and the five or ten minutes spent daily in massage is time well spent. Use linseed or olive oil, and as much as will be taken up by the skin at one time. Apply with a gentle, circular movement (taken upwards), and continue as long as the skin becomes dry under the friction.

Stimulation by means of a small electrical apparatus is to be recommended, and the taking of frequent and small doses of oil is an important part of the treatment. Cod-liver oil is often used, but olive oil is of such efficiency in beauty culture that it becomes a necessity, especially to the thin woman. Steep raisins in olive oil and eat them at any time - constipation is one cause of thinness of the bust, and raisins in oil are mildly aperient - drink warm milk, and, if treatment is systematic, a good effect ought to be seen in about a month or six weeks. The oil must be used warm for massage, and, to give tone after, bathe in cold water. Any good skin food, as well as olive, linseed, or almond oil, may be used for outward application, the object being to supply the fat wanting for plumpness. Dr. Anna Kingsford advised linseed oil and Lait Virginal mixed in equal parts, and a somewhat similar preparation is composed of

Oil of sweet almonds Balsam of tolu . .

Simple tincture of benzoin

100 grammes 2 grammes

2 grammes

Perfume with a few drops of any essence.

Singing as an exercise helps bust development.

Drug-taking is to be avoided, and amongst the medicines offered for the purpose of bust development have been found such things as calomel, opium, and belladonna, drugs securing, perhaps, a quick but not lasting effect as required, and all kinds of disastrous after-effects to the general health not anticipated.

Reducing The Figure

To reduce the size of the bust, general treatment for obesity is the safest. Astringents, while partly successful, leave the skin discoloured, wrinkled, and old-looking. But a treatment given by Kirsch is here recorded :

"In the first place, the breasts must be covered with a pomade of iodoform :

Pure iodoform deodorised

Pure vaseline.. .. ..

Essence of peppermint . .

1 part 30 parts 11 drops

" The breasts are then covered with hot cloths steeped in the following solution :

Alum .. .. ..

Sugar of lead .. . . .. ..

Distilled water.. .. ..

1 part 15 parts 1,000 parts

"Over the cloths apply waterproof paper, and allow them to remain twelve hours. This treatment (both the ointment and the hot cloths) must be repeated morning and evening and continued during several weeks." It may be mentioned that iodoform has an unpleasant smell under any condition, and because of this, iodide of potassium has been put in its place, with probably as good, or nearly as good, a result, the rest of the recipe, in this case, standing as it is given.

By David Nicol, Diploma of Honour at the Paris Exhibition. Coiffeur by Appointment to H.m. The Queen

By David Nicol, Diploma of Honour at the Paris Exhibition. Coiffeur by Appointment to H.m. The Queen

The Front and Back Dressing of the Coiffure - Typical Styles and Their Variations - Careful Study Required to Suit Individuals

Most subjects, when considered in a scientific manner, fall naturally into certain well-defined groups of which there may be variations. So it is with the art of hair-dressing.

In hairdressing the first wide distinction is between the front and the back dressing of the coiffure. These have to be considered quite separately, as it does not necessarily follow that because the front is arranged in a certain fashion that there is a given style for the back hair which has come to be associated with it by a law of universal custom. Indeed, with most of the various modes of arranging the front hair practically any of the many possible adjustments of the coiffure at the back of the head may be equally appropriately combined.