Bundle of Reeds-" Music."

Burdock-" Importunity." Bur-reed-" I cling to thee." Buttercup-" Ingratitude." " Pettishness." Butterfly Orchis-" Gaiety." Butterfly Weed-" Let me go."

Cabbage-rose-" Maternal love."

Calceolaria (Slipper-wort)-" Keep this for my sake." This brilliant yellow flower is often called the " little shoe flower," owing to its resemblance to fairy slippers. The name is derived from the Latin " calceolus"-"a slipper."

Calendula-" Vulgarity." A species of marigold.

Caltha-" Healing." Allied to the marsh mallow.

Calyeanthus-" Benevolence." The interpretation is derived from the " Cup of Blessing," the name coming from the Greek " kalyx " -" a cup," and " anthos "-" flower." The Latin "calix."

Calypso-" Fascination." The perennial plant derives its name from the nymph Calypso, who was renowned for her powers of fascination.

Camellia Japonica [red)-" Unpretending excellence."

Camellia Japonica (white)-" Perfected loveliness." The name camellia comes from G. J. Kamel, a Spanish Jesuit, who imported the flower into England from Japan in 1737.

Camomile-" Energy in adversity." The bitter taste of this plant is supposed to act as a bracing tonic, with the thought that " times of adversity bring out multitudes of precious promises, as night brings out the stars" or " as stars shine most in deepest blue."

Campana (Pasque flower)-" Renewal of life." A beautiful species of anemone which flowers near Easter-time. It is bell-shaped. From the Italian "campana"-"a bell."

Campanula-" Gratitude."

Campion (white)-" Brightness."

Campion (red)-" Glowing light."

Canariensis-" Self-esteem."

Canary-grass-" Perseverance."

Candytuft-" Indifference."

Canterbury Bell-" Acknowledgment." Sometimes the meaning is given as " constancy," from the colour of the blue, bell-shaped blossoms.

Cape Jasmine -" Transport of joy."

Cardinal Flowers-" Distinction." This species of lobelia, bearing brilliant red flowers, is suggestive of the dignity and pomp of a cardinal, in addition to its colour reference.

To be continued.