Required: One custard marrow or large celeriac.

About three-quarters of a pound of cold cooked game. Half a small cucumber. Two lettuces. Two tomatoes. One endive.

One teaspoonful of capers. About half a pint of mayonnaise sauce. (Sufficient for about six.)

Remove all bones from the game, and cut it into neat dice. Season with salt and pepper. Cut a neat round slice off the top of the custard marrow, and scoop out all the seeds and fibre, leaving a neat, round bowl, into which the salad can be put.

Wash and prepare the lettuce and endive, using only the white part of the latter; pull both into small pieces.

Peel the cucumber and cut it into thick strips like matches; dip the tomato in boiling water for a minute or two, then peel it; if it seems inclined to peel easily, there will be no need to dip it in the water. Cut it into neat sippets. Mix about three parts of the lettuce, endive, cucumber, and tomato with some of the mayonnaise sauce, put a layer of it in the marrow, then put in a heap of game, piling it well up; cover this with salad, arranging it as prettily as possible. Garnish round the edge of the marrow with sippets of tomato. Sprinkle a few capers over the top. Arrange the marrow on a bed of endive on a dish, and hand mayonnaise sauce with it.

Cost, from 3s. 6d.

N.B.-Cold chicken or meat of any kind can be used in place of game.