Required: Two ounces of flour. Two raw eggs. One gill of milk. A good pinch of salt.

Mix the flour and salt together, make a well in the centre and break in the eggs. Add to them a little of the milk, and stir in the flour gradually and quite smoothly. Continue adding the milk till half of it is used, beating the batter briskly till the surface is well covered with bubbles. Add the rest of the milk, and let the batter stand for an hour, if possible. This softens and swells the starch grains in the flour.

Well grease a pudding-basin, pour in the batter, twist a piece of greased paper over the top, and steam the pudding for about one hour, or till it feels firm and spongy when lightly pressed in the middle.

Allow the pudding to stand for a second or two, turn it out carefully on a hot dish, and serve at once with a plain sweet sauce.

Cost, 5d.

Red Currant and Cream Tart

Red Currant and Cream Tart