Required: Plain sponge or Genoese cakes.

Three to four pounds of strawberries.

About a pint of cream.

Castor sugar.

Slice the cake about a quarter of an inch thick. Trim off any outside parts, and stamp the slices into rounds about the size of the top of a tumbler, using a fluted or plain pastry-cutter. Slightly hollow out the centres. Stalk the fruit. Whisk and sweeten the cream. As late in the afternoon as possible, lay a few halved and sugared strawberries on each round of cake, arrange some whole berries on the top, and decorate prettily with the cream, using a forcing-bag and rose pipe. These, when finished, can be arranged on a dish lined with fresh strawberry-leaves or placed on small plates ready for handing to the guests. Cost, about 5s. 6d.