Required: A medium-sized pineapple. Half a pound of black grapes. Two bananas. One orange.

Half a pint of white wine. Castor sugar and liqueurs to taste.

Remove the top neatly from the pineapple, then, with a silver knife, scoop out the centre of the fruit, so that only a case is left. Cut the fruit into neat dice, also the bananas and orange, after peeling them and removing all pith and pips from the latter.

Put all the fruit in a bowl, add the wine, liqueur and sugar to taste, and let it stand for half. an hour in a cool place, on ice, if possible. Just before required for serving, arrange the salad in the pineapple, heaping it up slightly and blending the colours prettily. Place the top of the pine in position, arrange on a pretty dish with vine-leaves, sprays of fern, or smilax round.

If preferred, use strawberries or raspberries in place of, or as well as, orange.

Cost, from 5s.