Required : Four eggs.

One tablespoonful of cream or milk. One ounce of butter. Salt, pepper, and nutmeg.

Break the eggs into a basin, beat them lightly, add the cream, and season the mixture most carefully, as no other flavouring will be used.

Melt the butter in an omelet pan, and make it quite hot, when the butter will begin to colour very slightly. Should it really brown it is burnt, and must be thrown away. Pour in the beaten eggs, stirring slowly with a spoon or fork over a sharp fire till the mixture is very lightly set.

Tip up the pan, and gently collect the mass towards the handle side of the pan; shape it into a neat oval; then roll it over and brown the upper side; or, if preferred, it may be held before a clear fire to obtain the same result.

Serve the omelet immediately on a hot dish.

Cost, 6d.