A safety crochet purse is always popular, and when worn slung on a cord round the neck is extremely useful for carrying small change or a railway ticket.

To make it, a ball of crochet silk, D.m.c. Coton Perle, or cotton, will be required, and a steel needle, size 4, or some workers prefer to use a very fine bone hook.

Working Instructions

For the 1st row, work 30 chain. For the 2nd row, 1 treble into the 4th stitch from the needle, and 1 treble into each chain. For the 3rd row, 3 chain, and 1 treble into each stitch. For the 4th row, 4 chain, and 1 long treble into every stitch. Continue this until 6 1/2 inches are done, and then do two rows of treble. Turn up this strip to a depth of 2 1/2 inches, and oversew the sides together.

In order to make the purse fasten automatically, with chains passed through the design and fixed to a ring, proceed in the following manner : Along the top edge of the purse double crochet into the first three stitches; then make a chain five inches long, return the needle to make the chain form a loop, missing 1 chain. Double crochet into next three chains, then make another chain, and continue in this way until, six chains are made. Draw the chains through between the rows of crochet at the top of the purse, and pull them tightly to close the purse.

These chains must now be attached to a ring, by which to suspend the purse on a piece of ribbon or cord. Get a small bone ring, and almost cover it with double crochet except for about half an inch. Then put the hook through the centre chain of the first long chain, and do two more double chain. Join in the next long chain, and continue in the same manner until all the six are attached.

To make a pretty finish to the purse, put a fringe of beads at the. lower edge, and at the edge of the flap sew some of the same beads, forming loops.

These little purses can be worked in shades to harmonise with the costume. Made in cream D.m.c, with a small mother-of-pearl ring, they are extremely dainty wear with a cream dress, and will hold even a tiny handkerchief.

Another variation is to employ a' fancy crochet stitch in place of simple double crochet or treble.

The following is a good firm for supplying materials, etc., mentioned in this Section : Messrs. Copley Marshall & Co. (Wildspur Embroidery Cotton).