Required : A hare.

Thin slices of fat bacon.

One and a half ounces of calf's liver.

Three ounces of breadcrumbs.

One small onion.

Two teaspoonfuls each of chopped herbs and parsley. Two eggs. Salt and pepper. One carrot. One turnip.

Two onions.

Two sticks of celery.

A bunch of herbs.

One pint of good stock.

Two glasses of sherry (if liked).

One pint of good brown sauce.

If possible, truss the hare yourself, so that you can save the liver, kidneys, and heart. Skin, clean, and wash it well; then prepare to stuff it. Line the inside with slices of fat bacon. Chop the heart, liver, and kidneys, and add to them the chopped calf's liver, also one and a half ounces of chopped fat bacon, the crumbs, chopped onion, and herbs. Season this nicely and bind all with the beaten eggs. Put this stuffing inside the hare, and sew it up. Next skewer the hare in shape, with the head well back. Cover the back with a piece of raw fat bacon, and wrap the whole of the hare in a piece of buttered paper.

If you do not possess a long braising-pan, use a fish kettle, and cover the bottom with bacon trimmings and the vegetables. Lay the hare on these, add the herbs, and pour in the stock and wine. Cover closely, put the pan over a slow fire, and braise gently for three hours. Every now and then pour a cupful or so of the stock over the buttered paper. If the stock reduces too much, more must be added. When nearly cooked, take out the hare, and remove the paper.

Strain off the stock and remove all fat. Pour the brown sauce into the pan, put back the strained stock and the hare, and finish the cooking.

Serve with the sauce poured over it, garnish with rolls of fried bacon, and hand with it red currant jelly.

Cost, 5s.