Required : A brace of grouse.

One tablespoonful of salad oil.

Salt and pepper.

Buttered toast.

Rolls of toasted bacon.

Singe, draw, and wipe the birds; split them in halves through the backbone lengthways; but do not cut right through the breastbone, as they should still be joined together. Lay them on a dish, and pour over them salad oil and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Rub this well into them.

Butter a gridiron, place the birds on it, with the outside to the fire first of all, and broil over a quick, brisk fire for about seven minutes on each side.

Place them on pieces of hot buttered toast, put a few small pats of maitre d'hotel butter on each, and place some neat rolls of toasted bacon round. Remember that unless frizzling hot, this is spoilt.

Cost, 3s. 6d. to 4s.