Vanilla Wafers. Genoese Biscuits.

Pineapple Cake. Strawberries and Cream. Ices. Tea. Lemonade. Claret Cup. Iced Coffee.

A Rough Guide as to Quantities

This is a troublesome point; no two hostesses think alike on this matter. Also fashion decrees in some localities that a practical appreciation be shown of the good things provided, in others quite the reverse. Average quantities are given below, but study the whims of the neighbourhood, and make allowance; the fear of not having enough to go round is most unnerving to a hostess. Jellies, Creams, or Fruit Salads. - Of any of these allow about two and a half quarts for twenty guests.

Ices. - Two and a half quarts for twenty guests.

Beverages. - One pint per head (to include all kinds).

Sandwiches. - Three to four per head.

Cakes. - About four large platefuls of mixed or cut varieties for twenty persons.

Bread-and-butter. - The same as cakes. For guests motoring or cycling over from a distance, some hostesses provide, indoors, informal refreshments of a more substantial nature, such as cold chicken, cut up in joints, a galantine, pressed beef, or a few patties, but these would not be expected.

Note. - These refreshments can be greatly simplified, if wished, omitting ices, claret cup, or lemonade, and giving fewer varieties of sandwiches.