Abbreviations: tr., treble; c/i., chain; d.c., double crochet

This collar is made with Manlove's thread, 1 No. 60, and two yards of Honiton, better quality, linen thread braid.

If the directions are followed one row at a time, it will be found easy to work, and not as difficult as it may appear from the illustration.

Join into a ring eight ovals of braid, the two end ovals being laid over each other, and neatly caught round the edges with needle and fine cotton. Work the outside portion of collar first.

Into the edge of the two ovals sewn together work 2 tr. four times, with 2 ch. between each 2 tr., 9 ch. over the bar, 4 d.c. 9 ch. away from them to next oval, and in this one, like the last, but let there be the 5 ch. 1 tr. at each end of the four sets of 2 tr.

After completing the ring of braid, work each of the next three ovals with the four sets of 2 tr. 2 ch. between, but no chain between each oval; this draws it into a curve to commence a scallop.

From the third oval the usual 5 ch. 1 tr. at the end, and 9 ch. down to the bar and up from it. The next three ovals form the scallop, and then begins the dip between them; this can be understood from the illustration. The two ovals in the extreme "dip " do not have the usual "5 ch. 1 tr." at all.

2nd row.-into each of the 5 ch. make 7 long tr. (twice over the hook), 2 ordinary tr. in first space, 2 ch. 2 tr. in next space (middle one), 2 ch. 2 tr. in next space, and the 7 long tr. in the " 5 ch." again; 7 ch. 1 d.c. in the "9 ch.," 4 ch. across to next "9 ch.," and 7 up to make another set of long treble.

Fill each 5 ch. of the previous row in the same manner with 7 long tr. On coming to the dip let there be 4 ch. in two places to the set of 2 tr. over the bar, but none in the extreme centre; only, of course, the usual 2 ch. between each set of 2 tr. must not be omitted.

3rd row.-through the tops of the "7 tr." work 6 long tr. with 2 ch. between each one. Over the bar 7 ch. 1 d.c. in previous long ch., 1 d.c. in next (opposite side), with none between, and up to the next "7 tr."

N.B.-On reaching the dip in this row, there are less sets of "2 tr.," in order that there may be no fulness at this point. The worker must trust to her own judgment in some places-this collar should be worked tightly in order to obtain the correct effect of the original, otherwise a slight alteration in stitches may be necessary where the shape of the scallop depends upon the work at this part.

4th row. the six trebles over the seven made five spaces of two chains

4th row.-the six trebles over the seven made five spaces of two chains. The middle one has in it 2 long tr., 5 ch., 2 long tr.; the space each side 2 short tr., the first and last spaces 2 d.c. Into the 7 ch. 4 d.c, also with no chain between, 4 d.c. in the opposite 7 ch. At the dip d.c. in each space round to the next treble and chain.

5th row.-into the 5 ch. work 8 tr. and one into the treble each side of the "5 ch." From these, and up to the next set, work 18 ch., caught down with a d.c. to the middle. . Over the dip bring the two points of the pattern together closely by a d.c. in each 5 ch.

Now proceed with the other side of the collar, and finish this outer side afterwards.

1st row.-the three bars that were left free at the top of the rounds that formed the dip upon the other side are now filled with 7 long tr. 12 ch. to the top of the ovals between, with d.c. in them and 12 ch. away. Each of the five ovals till another " 7 tr." have 4 d.c. in the middle with 12 ch. to and from. The bars (four) that had d.c. in them from the other side have a long treble each side of them, but no chain.

2nd row.-into five of the 7 tr. make 5 long tr. Into the chain between these sets 5 long tr. Into each of the other chains 2 long tr. with 5 ch. between each set of two.

3rd row.-into each of the five make three long tr., 9 ch. between each set. Into the top of each " 2 tr." make 2 tr., 3 ch. between each set of two.

4th row.-in between each "2 tr." make 1, and 1 in each space between; from the last "2 tr." (other end as well) 9 ch., 1 d.c. in the first, 3 tr., 5 ch. over them, fill the " 9 ch." with 9 d.c.

5th row.-into each of the "5 ch." on each side of the dip 9 long tr., 7 ch. to next "5 ch.," and in it 6 d.c. Next time 9 tr., so that there are four groups of 9 tr., three sets of 6 d.c, 18 ch. down to middle of dip, 18 away from it.

6th row.-eight long tr. with 2 ch. between each in the 9 tr., 7 ch. 1 long tr. each end of the "6 d.c." without chain between them, 4 ch. and 3 long tr. in the 18 ch., the same in next, and 4 ch. away from them.

7th row.-two long tr. in each 2 ch., with 2 ch. between 2 ch. to the " 2 tr.," between each fan in between these two, 2 tr. 5 ch. 2 tr.

The two nearest fans (fourth and first) have 2 ch. 2 tr. in between the two lots of "3 tr." and 2 ch. away.

8th row.-commence in the top of first fan from the ring. Into the second space of 2 ch. in the fans 1 d.c, next two spaces 2 d.c, fourth 1 d.c, 10 ch. into the top of each two tr. 2 d.c, 10 ch. 2 d.c. in the " 5 ch.," 10 ch. and again 2 tr.; 10 ch. from them to the next fan, the d.c. in each of the fans nearest the dip are done right to the end, and from the end of next one (meeting) catching the loop upon the hook through to the previous fan, to close in the collar a little at every dip.

9th row.-commencing from where the two fans join, put 5 d.c. in each of the ch. of 10 (the little pattern between the fans), one d.c. top of first, " 2 tr.," 4 d.c. in ch., a dotted ch. between (10 ch. catch back to 4 tr. and 5 more), 4 d.c. in next 10; 1 d.c. in the two tr., 14 ch. across to second d.c. over top of fan, 6 ch. 1 d.c in last but one, and again a dotted chain worked as before.

Now commence another row upon the outside of the collar.

Begin with 5 d.c. in each of the long ch. with 5 ch. across between them. Into the first of the 10 tr. 1 short tr., into seven more a long tr., lastly, a short one (2 ch. between each). Work round each scallop in this way, but across, at every dip make a dotted ch. between.

Into this row for a finish work 2 d.c, 5 ch., 2 d.c. in each " 5 ch." Five chain to this and

5 away from it; into first space, 2 d.c.; second space, 2 short tr.; third space,

2 long tr.; fourth space, 3 long tr., 5 ch.; fifth space, 3 long tr.; sixth space, 2 long tr.; seventh space, 2 short tr.; eighth space, 2 d.c.

For the neck part take 33 ovals of braid. Into first one work 6 tr., with 2 ch. between each (the two middle treble should be long treble). Nine ch. down to the bar, then 2 d.c; 9 ch. up from bar. Work all the 33 ovals in this way upon one side.

2nd row.-in this row the commencement and the finish can be done in any manner to catch on part of the ring nearest to length (first dotted chain in it); in first space of 2 ch. (2 d.c. in long ch. up to this), 2 short tr.; second space, 2 long tr.; third space,

3 long tr., 5 ch., 3 long tr.; fourth space, 2 long tr.; fifth space, 2 short tr. into long ch., 2 d.c, 5 ch. across to next " long ch., and 2 d.c."

When making the 5 ch. attach it to the collar, first to the ring and then to the first dotted ch. between, if needful.

Look now at the pattern, and see where the next joins; the third oval has only double crochet in each space, as it comes over the highest part of the collar, and does not require treble.

Now that the collar is so far completed, the outside row is needed to help in shaping it to the neck part round the shoulders.

Join the next projecting part of the ring by ch., and in the first oval work d.c. round the end, laying under the end of braid neatly. At the top 4 d.c, 4 ch., 4 d.c.; 6 ch., 1 long tr. each side of previous filling of bar, and

6 ch. up to next oval.

Each oval is worked the same, only the ch. each side of the top oval (one that comes highest) must be 9, to allow some expansion just at that part, while the d.c. are 6 all in one block, with no ch. to divide them, as in the others.

2nd row.-into the three little spaces of 4 ch. at the lowest part of the collar make

2 tr., 3 ch., 2 tr., 3 ch., 2 tr., 4 ch. and 4 d.c. in next ch., 4 in opposite ch., and up to next " 4 ch." at top of oval. The " 9 ch. each side of the highest oval " has in it 3 d.c, 4 ch., 3 d.c, 4 ch., 3 d.c.; 3 d.c, 4 ch.,

3 d.c in the ones made in previous row, between the two " 9 ch."

3rd row.-fill each 4 ch. with 2 d.c, 4 ch.,

2 d.c; 4 d.c. in the chain on each side, 2 ch. across to next, to draw the collar into shape. Over the top oval (every third one) make dotted ch. at 8, catch back to fourth 4 more.

The inside part of the rings are three sets of 2 tr. 2 ch. between each two, and 5 between each oval.

For the second row work 2 tr. in each two spaces, 2 ch. between them, 4 between the oval.