Required : About four ounces of sponge-cake, ratafias and macaroons mixed. Half a pint of milk. One whole egg and two extra yolks. Half an ounce of sheet gelatine. One tablespoonful of castor sugar.


Glace cherries; angelica. About a teacupful of sweet, clear jelly. (Sufficient for six or eight.)

Pour a little warmed jelly into a mould' let it set, then decorate the surface of it with strips of angelica and cherries. Pour in a little more jelly to set these decorations, but not too much, or they will float out of position. When the last jelly has set, fill the mould very loosely with fairly small pieces of cake, quartered macaroons, and whole ratafias. Heat the milk, pour it slowly on to the beaten eggs, strain the custard into a jug, and cook it carefully until it thickens. The safest plan is to stand the jug in a saucepan of boiling water. Be careful not to curdle the custard by overheating it.

Raspberry Cream forms a very pretty sweet, decorated with the fruit and chopped up jelly

Raspberry Cream forms a very pretty sweet, decorated with the fruit and chopped-up jelly

Dissolve the gelatine slowly in four or five tablespoonfuls of hot water, strain it into the cooked custard, add sugar and vanilla to taste, and pour it, when cool, but before it begins to set, into the mould. The mould must be quite full.

Leave until set, then dip the tin into warm water, and turn the pudding out on to a dish; if possible, put a border of cold chopped jelly round.

Any cake without fruit can be used, and it may be quite stale as it softens in the custard. Ratafias and macaroons are not essential, but a great improvement. Cost, from Is. 4d.