Required: Two pigeons. Two ounces of bacon. Two ounces of butter. D 27

Two ounces of beef suet. One tablespoonful of white sauce. Two eggs and one extra yolk. Two tablespoonfuls of panada Salt and pepper. Good white sauce.

A garnish of .cooked mushrooms or asparagus tops or spinach. (Sufficient for six persons.)

Remove all the flesh from the pigeons, and pound it in a mortar with the chopped suet and bacon. Next rub all through a wire sieve. Then put it back in the mortar, add the butter, panada, a tablespoonful of white sauce, the chopped mushrooms, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix all these ingredients well together, then add the beaten eggs, gradually stirring them well in. Well butter some small coquille-moulds, fill them full of the mixture, smoothing it evenly over. Place them in a shallow stewpan, cover with a piece of buttered paper, pour in boiling water to come barely half-way up the moulds, and steam, from fi f t e e n to twenty minutes, until they are firm. Turn them carefully out of the moulds, wipe them with a piece of soft paper, and arrange in a circle on a hot dish, strain some good white sauce over and round them, and fill in the centre with asparagus points, or spinach.

For the Panada: Melt one ounce of butter in a saucepan, stir in two ounces of flour, and add a quarter of a pint of white stock. Cook over a slow fire until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan clear.