Required: Quarter of a pound of cooked chicken. Three ounces of cooked ham. One yolk of egg. Six button mushrooms. About three tablespoonfuls of white sauce. Salt and pepper. Pig's caul. Spinach puree. (Sufficient for four to six.)

Cut the chicken, ham, and mushrooms into shreds. Put the sauce in a small pan on the fire; when it is hot, but not boiling, add the beaten Yolk and the chicken and mushrooms, cut in shreds. Stir the mixture over the fire for a few minutes, then spread it on a plate and let it cool.

Wash the caul very thhorougly in salt and water, changing the water two or three times. Let it dry, then cut it into small squares of about three and a half inches.

Put about a dessertspoonful of this mixture in the centre of each square, fold the caul neatly over it. Lay these " crepinettes " on a baking-tin, put in the oven, and cook for about ten minutes; then brush each over with a little melted glaze. Have ready some paper ramakin cases. Heat the spinach, season it carefully with salt and pepper, and, if possible, add a tablespoonful or more of cream to it. Put a layer of spinach in each ramakin case, then place a crepinette in each. Lastly, take a forcing-bag and pipe, and force some small "roses" of spinach as a border' round each case.

Cost, about 2s.

N.B.-If the spinach is too soft to force, mix a little finely mashed potato with it.

If it is not possible to procure pig's caul, use sheep's; it does quite well, but is rather coarser.