Required : A small pot of caviare. One ounce of sweet almonds. Three ounces of butter. Two teaspoonfuls of lemon-juice. One teaspoonful of anchovy essence. Two or more slices of bread. Cayenne.

Put two ounces of the butter on a plate, add to it the anchovy essence, and the lemon-juice, a n d w o r k them well together with a knife; then leave it in a cool place until it is wanted.

Cut the bread about an eighth of an inch thick, and stamp it into rounds the size of the top of a sherry glass. Melt the remaining ounce of butter in a frying-pan; then when it is hot put in the rounds of bread, and fry them a golden brown. Drain them well, and leave them until they are cold.

Put the almonds into a pan of cold water, and bring them to the boil; then skin them and cut them into shreds. Put these on a tin in the oven, and slightly brown them.

Next put a little heap of caviare in the centre of each crouton of bread; then, with a forcing-bag and " rose-pipe," force a pretty border of the anchovy butter around. Stick the shreds of almonds here and there in the butter. Serve the croutons on a pretty lace d 'oyley. Cost, 2S. 6d.

Croutes of Caviare a 1' Orientate

Croutes of Caviare a 1' Orientate