Required : Half a large cucumber.

Quarter of a pint of Bechamel, or white, sauce. Quarter of a pint of Mayonnaise sauce. Four tablespoonfuls of cream. Salt and pepper.

Peel the cucumber, and cut it into small pieces. Boil it until tender in boiling, salted water. Then drain off the water, dry the cucumber in a clean cloth, then rub it through a hair sieve. Next mix it with the sauce, let it boil until it is reduced to about half the quantity. Then pour it in a basin, and leave it until cold. Whip the cream until it will just hang on the whisk, and mix it with the Mayonnaise sauce. Add the cold cucumber sauce slowly to the cream, etc., season it carefully, and add a few drops of green vegetable colouring to it to make it a very pale tint. Serve it as cold as possible.

Cost, is. 3d.