Required : The legs.

One teaspoonful each of French and English mustard. Two teaspoonfuls of chutney. Salt and black pepper. Cayenne.

A few browned crumbs. A little warmed butter. (Sufficient for three or four.) .

With a sharp knife score the legs round and lengthways in deep, regular gashes.

Brush them well over with warmed butter.

Mix together the mustard, chopped chutney, and a good dust of pepper, cayenne, and salt. Spread this mixture over the legs, then sprinkle over a few browned crumbs.

Have ready a clear, bright fire, heat the grid, and brush or rub it over with a piece of dripping; put on the legs, and grill quickly until nicely browned and crisp.

Serve on a hot dish with a few small pieces of butter placed here and there on them. Garnish with watercress.

Cost, without turkey, 4d.