Required : Two pounds of flour. Half a pound of moist sugar. Half a pound of currants. Half a pound of sultanas. Quarter of a pound of butter or good dripping.

One ounce of compressed yeast. Quarter of an ounce of mixed spice. Quarter of an ounce of caraway seeds. One pint of milk.

Grease two cake-tins, then line them with two layers of greased paper, which should come five or six inches higher than the tops of the tins. Clean and stalk the fruit.

Rub the butter finely into the flour with the tips of the fingers, then add the fruit, sugar, caraway seeds, and spice. If, however, caraways are objected to, leave them out. Mix all well together.

Put the yeast in a small basin with a teaspoonful of castor sugar, mix them together with a wooden spoon until they are liquid; then add the milk, which should be tepid. Strain this mixture into the flour, etc., mix all into a light dough, then knead it well. Put the dough into the prepared tins, place them in a warm place for the dough to rise for one hour or until it is twice its original size. Then put the tins into a hot oven, and bake for about two hours.

When done put the cakes on a sieve until they are cold. Cost, 1s. 5d.