Required: Half a pound of flour.

Six ounces of butter.

Half a teaspoonful of baking-powder.

One yolk of egg.

One ounce of castor sugar.

Half a pint of cream.

One pound of cherries.


This dish will require a plain tin "flan mould" about six inches in diameter, or a "cake-ring," as it is sometimes called.

Begin by making some short crust. Mix together the flour, castor sugar, and baking-powder, and then rub the butter lightly in with the tips of the fingers. Beat up the yolk of the egg with about one table-spoonful of water, and mix the flour, etc., to a paste with this, adding more water if needed. Turn the paste out on a floured board, and roll it out about a quarter of an inch thick.

Next well grease the inside of the flan mould, and also a baking-sheet, and place the ring on the baking-sheet. Lift up the pastry carefully, drop it inside the ring, and gently mould it till the part of the baking-tin and the sides of the ring are lined with pastry. With a pair of scissors trim off any pastry that stands above the ring

Gateau de Framboise

Gateau de Framboise

Grease a round of paper just big enough to line the inside of the pastry. Put it in and fill it with rice, lentils, or split peas, in order to keep the pastry in shape while it is being baked. Now bake in a slow oven about three-quarters of an hour or till the pastry is a delicate brown. Carefully lift out the paper and rice, gently pull off the ring, and you will have a neat round pastry case.

Fill up the inside with stewed cherries. Arrange them so that they are raised in the centre, and dust them freely with castor sugar. Lightly whip half a pint of good cream till it will just hang on the whisk, flavouring it with vanilla and castor sugar, and then heap it all over the fruit, but not over the edge of the pastry. Decorate it with a few cherries and strips of angelica.

Serve the flan on a lace paper.

Cost, 2S. 2d.