Required : About half a pint of aspic jelly. A small pot of foie-gras. One or two pickled chillies. A small truffle. {Sufficient for about six.)

Rinse out some very tiny dariole moulds with cold water. Pour into them a little melted aspic jelly to coat the top of each mould to about the thickness of half-a-crown. Allow this jelly to set, using ice if time is of importance.

Then decorate the tops with small, pretty shapes of cut truffle and chilli, forming a pleasing design in red and black. Set this with a few drops of melted jelly, and when firm place in each a small, ball-shaped piece of the foie-gras, filling up the moulds with more jelly. Leave them till set, and then dip them in warm water to loosen them.

Arrange them on a pretty dish, with chopped aspic around it.

Plovers' eggs, whole or cut, may be used in the place of the foie-gras, but for the former larger moulds must be used.

These savouries, set in aspic, can be varied to almost any degree by using curried chickens' livers, asparagus points, tiny fillets of cooked fish, neat pieces of lobster, olives, etc., etc. The decorations may be varied according to the artistic taste of the individual.

Cost, about 2S. 6d.