Required : A young grouse.

Four ounces of butter or good dripping. Breadcrumbs.

Prepare the grouse as for roasting. Cut it in half lengthways, cut off the feet, and skin each half. Truss the leg in each half to the side of the bird with a small wooden skewer, and flatten each half, slightly, by beating it gently with a rolling-pin. Brush each with a little warmed butter, and cover, while the butter is warm, with some crumbs.

Make three ounces of butter hot in a frying-pan, put in the halves of grouse, and fry them a good brown on each side. They will take about twelve minutes.

When cooked, serve the joints neatly arranged on a hot dish. Garnish with watercress, and hand with it any nice game sauce.

Cost, 2S. 4d.