Required: Two pounds of any fruit in season. Sugar to taste. About half a gill of water to each pound of fruit.

Flan of Cherries

Flan of Cherries

For the meringue: Four whites of eggs. Half a pound of castor sugar.

Clean and prepare the fruit. Put the water and sugar into a saucepan, bring these to the boil, add the fruit, and stew gently until tender. Then turn it into a pie-dish or pretty fireproof dish to cool.

Beat the whites of eggs very stiffly, adding the sugar lightly to them. Spread this roughly all over the fruit, and put it in a very slow oven till the meringue feels crisp and is of a delicate fawn colour.

Let it cool, and serve cold with sponge fingers or wafers. As any kind of fruit can be used, it is quite easy to give variety to this sweet, which is always a favourite one in hot weather.

Cost, is. upwards. 22l6