Required: For the case or savarin:

Half a pound of Vienna flour.

Half an ounce of compressed yeast.

Five ounces of butter.

Four eggs.

One gill of milk.

Half an ounce of castor sugar. For the filling:

One pint of raspberries.

Three ounces of castor sugar.

Half a pint of cream.

Three-quarters of an ounce of leaf gelatine.

Half a lemon. For the decoration:

Ripe raspberries.

Whipped cream.


Well butter a rather high mould. Mix the yeast and sugar together with a spoon until they are liquid. Warm the milk and add it to them. Sieve the flour with a pinch of salt into a basin, make a well in the middle and strain in the yeast and milk. Stir a little of the flour into it and stand in a warm place until the surface of the mixture is covered with bubbles, then beat in the rest of the flour. If the dough seems too stiff add a little more tepid milk. Then put the'mixture in a warm place until it has risen to quite twice its original size. Next add two of the eggs, beating them well in with the hand. Beat the butter to a cream, add it and the other eggs and beat the mixture until it looks string)' and can be easily pulled out of the basin.

Half fill the mould with t,he mixture, put it in a warm place until it fills the mould, then bake it in a moderate oven for about three-quarters of an hour. Turn it carefully out of the tin and let it get cold. Next carefully cut a slice off the bottom and scoop out the inside so that only a case of cake is left.

Next prepare the filling:

Stalk and look over the fruit carefully. Rub it with half an ounce of sugar through a sieve. Melt the gelatine in three table-spoonfuls of hot water, then add to it the lemon-juice and the rest of the sugar. Whip the cream until it will just hang on the whisk, and stir it into the fruit puree. Lastly, strain in the gelatine. Mix all well together, leave the mixture until it is slightly set, then pour it into the cake and leave it until quite set. It is a good plan to place the cake top downward in a jug; this keeps it upright while the cream is setting.

Next turn the cake over on a pretty dish. Hollow out the pointed end, pour over it some nicely flavoured syrup. Decorate it with whole raspberries and leaves of angelica, and pipe it prettily with whipped and flavoured cream.

The design used must depend on the pattern of the mould.

N.B.-A tall sponge cake may be used instead of the savarin, if more convenient.