1. Always use the best cotton only.

2. For the edge of a cloth skirt line the hem with tailors' canvas.

3. For the edge of a satin skirt face the hem with cloth or cashmere to match.

4. To take a pattern, use white lino and mark the seams with pencil.

5. To shrink the machine band, put on a few drops of machine oil, and revolve rapidly.

6. To sharpen a machine needle, rub on a piece of sandpaper.

Lingerie And Mending

1. To soften longcloth, rub with common soap.

2. In making buttonholes, work the corners closely for strength.

3. To mend a large hole in a tablecloth, tack a piece of an old cloth at the back, and darn over it.

4. To hem table linen, double back the hem, crease fold with the nail, and oversew.

5. To soften heavy linen for work, dip the fingers occasionally in a tumbler of warm water.

6. To mend a large hole in a stocking, cover first with a piece of black tulle, and darn over.

7. To mend the seams of a silk petticoat, stitch Prussian binding to match down each seam on the right side of skirt.

8. To sew on trouser buttons, first place a match under the button, and then sew; remove the match before twisting the thread around.

9. To darn a hole in tweed or serge, tack a piece of notepaper on the right side of the material. Use a very long darner, and darn at the back with ravellings of the same or similar material.