Required: Four eggs. One lemon.

Four ounces of castor sugar. Three ounces of flour. One ounce of butter. Royal icing. Cherries (glace), angelica.

Line a flat baking-tin with greased paper. Sieve the flour. Grate the lemon-rind on to it. Break the eggs into a basin, beat until slightly frothy, then add the sugar, whisk again for five minutes. Next stand the basin on the top of a saucepan of boiling water on a low fire. Beat the eggs and sugar in this position for five minutes, when draw the pan off the fire, and whisk until the eggs are thick and "ropy." Warm the butter until it oils, but does not boil. Put the basin on the table, stir in half the flour and half the butter very lightly, then the remainder of the flour and butter. Pour the mixture into the baking-tin and bake it in a quick oven for about seven to ten minutes, or until it feels spongy and is delicately browned. Dust a piece of paper with castor sugar, turn the cake, browned side down-wards, on to it, and peel off the paper carefully. When cold, spread the upper surface over with a thin layer of Royal icing (see page 395, Vol. I, Every Woman's Encyclopaedia). Cut the cakes into pretty shapes, put them on a clean baking-tin, and put them back into a cool oven until the icing becomes a pale biscuit tint. Take them out, and, when cold, decorate them with a little of the remainder of the Royal icing and a few pieces of cherries and angelica.

Cost, about is.