Required: Three gallons of boiling water.

Two large tablespoonfuls of brewers' yeast, or two ounces of compressed yeast. Three pounds of loaf sugar. Two lemons. One ounce of ginger. One ounce of cream of tartar.

Put the thinly pared rinds of the lemons and the strained juice in a large earthenware pan, slightly bruise the ginger, add it with

I z the cream of tartar and sugar. Pour over the boiling water, then add the yeast-if compressed yeast is used it must be mixed until it becomes liquid with two tablespoon-fuls of castor sugar.

Stir all well together, cover the pan, and let the beer stand in a warm place until next day. Then skim off the yeast care-fully, pour the beer into clean bottles, cork them tightly, and in four days the beer will be ready for use.

Cost, is.