This is made by straining some good stock into a saucepan, and boiling it quickly with the lid off the pan until it is reduced to about one-third of the original quantity, but the amount will depend on the quality of the stock. Keep it well skimmed while it is boiling.

When it is sufficiently reduced it will be a dark brown colour and about the consistency of melted glue. Let it cool slightly, then pour it into a clean, dry jar. When cold it will be quite hard. It will keep for a long time if a little melted lard or butter is poured over the top.

A small piece added to sauces, gravies, and soups is often a great improvement.

To Use It For Glazing Purposes

Put a small piece of it in a cup or basin, place this in a pan of boiling water, and let it melt gently, then brush it over the article to be glazed.