The youngest daughter of the late Queen Victoria and mother of Queen Victoria of Spain, Princess Henry of Battenberg is one of the most interesting Royal personages of to-day. She was her mother's constant companion until her marriage, in 1885, at Whippingham Church, Isle of Wight, to the late Prince Henry, who died during the Ashanti Expedition in 1896. The Princess was then twenty-eight years of age, but so attached was Queen Victoria to her daughter that she insisted on her making her home at Osborne. The late Prince Henry was created Governor of the Isle of Wight, and this office ultimately devolved upon the Princess. A brilliant and accomplished woman, Princess Henry has many hobbies. Yachting, motoring, music, painting, photography are some of her pursuits. Her Royal Highness has earned distinction as a composer and has a number of published pianoforte pieces and songs to her credit. The Princess has four children -Prince Alexander, born 1886: the Queen of Spain, born 1887; Prince Leopold, born 1889; and Prince Maurice, born 1891. The Princess herself was born at Buckingham Palace in 1857.

H.R.H. Princess Henry of

H.R.H. Princess Henry of Battenberg

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