Required : Four ounces of cooked ham. Yolks of three hard-boiled eggs. One ounce of warmed butter. About two saltspoonfuls of mixed mustard. Pepper, salt. Thin slices of brown and white bread and butter.

Chop the ham finely, then pound it in a mortar with the yolks, butter, mustard, and seasoning. Rub the pounded mixture through a sieve. Should it seem at all too dry to spread easily, add a little more warmed butter, or cream, or cold white sauce. Stamp out the bread into neat rounds, spread half of these rounds with the mixture, cover these with the unspread rounds of bread-and-butter, press well together; if necessary retrim the edges, and serve on a lace paper, a brown and white sandwich alternately. Place a little sandwich flag in the uppermost one.

Cost, about is.