An extraordinary instance of a family divided in politics is presented by the story of the Carlisles. Lady Carlisle, who is a daughter of the late Lord Stanley of Alderley, and married the late Earl of Carlisle in 1864, has had six sons and five daughters, but three of the former and one of the latter have died. The Countess is a staunch Liberal, and an ardent suffragette, while her husband, who died in April, 1911, was described as an " unswerving and rigid Tory." Her son, the Hon.geoffrey Howard, is also a keen Liberal, while the eldest son of the family, the present Earl, is a strong Unionist and an ardent Tariff Reformer. A most effective orator, Lady Carlisle has also worked energetically in the cause of temperance as well as politics, while, as chatelaine of Howard Castle, she can boast of being the mistress of one of the most splendid of " the stately homes of England." By the way, Lady Carlisle is a keen feminist, and takes the view that a man should not be employed in labour of a domestic character specially suited to women. Consequently, she banished footmen from Castle Howard, and substituted tall housemaids.

Lady Carlisle

Lady Carlisle Whillock