Required : One pound of lamb cutlets.

Two small slices of ham for each cutlet. One small teaspoonful of chopped parsley. A saltspoonful of grated lemon-rind. One ounce of butter. Salt, pepper. (Sufficient for about four persons.)

Trim and cut the lamb into neat cutlets. Cut the ham into pieces as near the shape and size of the round portion of the cutlet as possible. Prepare the bag or bags. Slightly warm the butter, and dip each cutlet into it, first adding to the butter the parsley, lemon-rind, and a very little seasoning. Lay a slice of the ham on each side of each cutlet, and twist round a little cotton to keep it in place. Lay the cutlets in the bag. Fold and secure the end of the bag. Place it in a sharply hot oven for about ten to twelve minutes. When cooked, open the bag, turn out the cutlets, remove the cotton, arrange the cutlets on a hot dish, with any gravy from the bag poured round them. Hand a tureen of mint sauce when serving. Mutton cutlets can be used instead of lamb, if preferred. Cost, about Is. 4d.