Required: The remains of a cooked chicken. Three hard-boiled eggs. Two lettuces. A little endive. Mustard and cress. One small beetroot or a tomato. Mayonnaise sauce.

Cut the chicken into neat dice, wash the lettuce and cress carefully, and tear the former into shreds. Peel the beetroot and cut it into coarse shreds. Shell the eggs, cut a few neat rounds for garnishing, and the rest into dice.

Put a layer of the mixed salad in a salad-bowl or glass dish, next some egg and chicken, then more salad, mixing at first with a little mayonnaise sauce. Continue these layers, piling the salad up high in the centre. Garnish the top with a few feathery tufts of endive, and arrange the neat rounds of the hard-boiled egg round the base.

Hand more mayonnaise sauce with the salad, but do not pour it over.

Cost, from is. 6d.

A very pretty fashion is now in vogue of serving fruit salads in hollowed-out fruits, such as pineapple, melon, grape-fruit, large pears, etc., instead of in silver or glass bowls or dishes. Vegetable salads are served in hollowed-out potatoes, artichoke bottoms, and various ornamental gourds, custard marrows, and small pumpkins.