This home-made variety is useful for savouries and serving with cheese.

Required: Half a pound of flour. One ounce of butter. One teaspoonful of baking-powder. Quarter of a pint of milk.

Warm the butter and milk in a small - saucepan; sieve the flour and baking-powder into a basin. When the milk is hot pour it gradually into the flour, stirring it carefully into a smooth paste.

Flour the pastry-board, roll the pastry out as thin as possible, then cut it into rounds with a cutter about an inch and a half across. Lay these on a greased baking-tin, and bake them for about twenty minutes. Lift them on to a sieve. When cold, pack them away in a tin.

Pink Sugar gives a dainty touch of colour to trifles, cakes, puddings, and sweetmeats, but be careful to make it a very delicate tint.

Put some castor sugar on a plate; let fall on to it two or three drops of cochineal. Then, with a wooden spoon, work these two together until every grain of sugar is evenly tinted. Add more cochineal if necessary. If an accident happens and too much cochineal is dropped on, add more sugar, and work all well together. When the whole is of uniform tint, put it into a dry bottle, and cork tightly.